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breaking free

  • by Elissa Kroeger
Having a parent or loved one with schizophrenia or other mental illnesses presents unique challenges.
  • by Michael D Summey
It is not as portrayed in entertainment media, here is a look at the real story.
  • by Elissa Kroeger
In my journey along the road to recovery from a crazy childhood, I learned about an interesting idea called "re-parenting ourselves." What that means is that those of us who had less than ideal family situations when we were children are not trapped by the negative things we learned from our original families. The idea is we can choose someone we think of as a good role model and put that person...
  • by Anonymous Author
That probably sounds ridiculous, even ludicrous. And it is. But having had anorexia nervosa, my "best friend" was once the scale. The numbers on the scale don't rule all my thoughts as they once did, but I could probably still tell you the approximate caloric value of most foods I consume.
  • by Anonymous Author
July 18, 1988: "I have to do something about myself and quick. It's getting very hard to breathe. I have no energy. I hate myself. I always feel sick, and I'm so skinny that my stomach sinks in and I can see my heart pumping and my stomach working. I'm really scared now. What if my potassium drops? Then my heart will quit and I'll die. I sure hope I don't start hating myself again because I'm...
  • by Larry Walker
Alcoholism results in the deaths of over 100,000 people a year in the United States alone. Alcohol is also involved in 30 percent of suicides, 55 percent of auto fatalities, 65 percent of deaths by drowning and a staggering 85 percent of domestic violence. Direct and indirect costs of alcohol abuse are estimated at well over a billion dollars a year. Half of this figure is paid by industry in...
  • by Janet Hendershot
Jeff Foxworthy has a routine that goes, "If your porch falls down and kills four of your five dogs, you might be a redneck."
  • by Larry Walker, Glen White
In the previous article the topic of alcoholism was introduced by showing the need for learning more about this widespread problem. Let us now seek to understand the nature of alcoholism and how it differs from alcohol abuse.
  • by Anonymous Author
I have been in the Church of God for 17 years. I entered the church as an addict. I became an addict when I was 17 years old, although the pattern for addiction was set up in me long before then. At the time of writing this article, I have been free from my addiction for two years and I have every intention of remaining so.
  • by Jon Erickson
This article is an interview with an addict, who really never had much of a chance to avoid becoming an addict—a triple addict, actually. But he is strongly motivated now to try to help others avoid the mistakes he has made. This is his story as told to me.
  • by Anonymous Author
Can we be addicted to an emotion or a feeling? Let's look at the emotion of anger.