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career path

  • by Mitchell Moss
A strong advocate for working with your hands, Matt Miller has turned his own love of building and fixing things into a successful business as a general contractor in the Pacific Northwest. Read how he got his start, why he loves it and how anyone can go out today, get a job making good money and doing satisfying work.
  • by Mitchell Moss
Samantha Cook’s career has taken more turns in five years than some take in a lifetime. With an openness and self-honesty about what she wants, her retelling of those turns reveals understanding most fail to gain by the time they’re 40, let alone her current age of 26. Read on to find out how she went from a consulting gig straight out of college to becoming Chief Operating Officer of a medical...
  • by Randy Stiver
"Writing, writing, writing, Daddy's sermon, sermon, sermon!" So proclaimed my two-year-old-daughter sitting in a laundry basket scribbling on a tablet.