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Christ's sacrifice

  • by United Church of God
Everyone has sinned. How can you overcome your sins and find forgiveness?
  • by George Carter
We must grow closer to the great God of loving kindness and mercy whose self-sacrifice gives us hope of eternal joy at His side.
  • by United Church of God
Why should a Christian seek to be baptized? How should one be baptized, and by whom? What does baptism symbolize? All these are key questions, because baptism is a crucially key step we must take if we are to be truly converted.
  • by Jerold Aust
The apostle Paul compared Jesus Christ to the lamb slain at Passover. At His last Passover with His disciples, Jesus told His followers to continue to partake of the Passover symbols of unleavened bread and wine as representative of His sacrifice. What are we to learn from these things?
  • by John Ross Schroeder
When even some religious magazines ask people to reassess the most basic of Christian doctrines through an evolutionary lens, society is clearly drifting farther and farther from biblical truth. Can we - will we - continue to rely on sound Bible doctrine?
  • by Joseph Sheperd
As we approach God’s Passover each year, it is beneficial to review Israel’s first Passover with its very meaningful lessons.
  • by Harris Hlazo
Christ—the Creator of the entire universe and the Maker who gave us life—was willing to suffer a horrible death at the hands of His human creatures for us. Not understanding the true value of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is equal to placing less value on the price He paid for each one of us.