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  • by Kourtney Kovanis
Have you ever wanted something really badly? Where your thoughts and plans are wrapped up in it, your heart is set on it, you daydream about it whenever you have a quiet moment?
  • by Steve Myers

A recent conversation with a special person led to an important lesson about...

  • by Jason Nitzberg
I remember laughing and enjoying coffee with one of my friends once when he switched to a more serious tone. He said, “I’m getting older, and I’m not where I envisioned myself years ago. I’ve made purposeful efforts to better myself, but they have all been failures.” And then he hit me with a bombshell: “I’ve come to the conclusion that I must be messed up.”
  • by Colleen Winner
Having to deal with the speed and distractions from this ever-busy world can result in feelings of helplessness and anxiety. Changing our perspective and attitudes, however, can give us the peace of mind we so crave.
  • by Arthur Morris
The secret to a happy life isn’t much of a secret at all—it’s been in the Bible for over 3,000 years!
  • by United Church of God
Even enjoyment is something we need to learn.
  • by Hansel New
What does God say about stuff and its rightful place in our lives?
  • by United Church of God
When is enough—enough? That is often a matter of our state of mind. Funny, that mind of ours!
  • by United Church of God
A wise man noted that a long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough.
  • by United Church of God
We all enjoy attention at the right time and in the right amount. Getting it for good reasons makes it pleasant.