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Current World News and Trends

  • by Peter Hawkins
A Christian's life moves in continuous cycles of training and testing. We run a race that requires goal-setting, improving our performance and struggling against our own weaknesses and the competition.
  • by Bruce Gore
Tuesday, June 29th the Supreme Court struck down a ban on Internet porn designed to protect children from exposure to lewd and obscene sexual matter on the Internet. This decision of the high court allows the continued exposure of children to obscene subject matter.
  • by Howard Davis
Great sports teams are driven by the power of attitude as much as they are talent, sometimes providing upsets that stun the world. The power of spirit contains the essence of success.
  • by Larry Walker
Even though the subject of same-sex marriage has not been a front-page news item lately, the battle continues and battle lines are still being drawn. A showdown is likely to occur before the upcoming U.S. national elections.