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Disasters can be man-made and natural. How well do you prepare for any type of unexpected catastrophe. The Bible warns us that if we are just trying to save our physical lives, we will not ultimately make it through (Luke 17:33). We should prepare as we are able for societal disruptions but not go to extremes. The Bible encourages us to seek first God’s Kingdom and righteousness and He will take care of our daily needs (Matthew 6:33).

  • by Steve Myers

God is our savior, no matter what storms we may face, we can trust that He...

  • by Victor Kubik
The Bible reveals both why humanity suffers from disasters like Chernobyl and its aftermath, and how a loving God will powerfully intervene and raise humanity to heights yet unexplored!
  • by Scott Ashley
Experts warn about the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse attack that could knock out electricity over vast regions.
  • by
Fear envelopes you as the imminent danger looms invasively close. After the danger passes, the fear is replaced with the reality of what has just occurred. Destruction, pain, possibly death, how will you survive?
  • by Victor Kubik
The book of Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time for all things. As Christians we need to be sensitive to how we act and react.
  • by Darris McNeely
Large-scale disasters highlight man's inability to control the environment or to prevent catastrophes that can bring suffering to thousands. The question "Where is God when people suffer?" needs a satisfying answer. Could the answer be found in a source many want to deny?
  • by Hector Earle
The adventures of the great Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton carry meaning and inspiration for those on the Christian journey.