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  • by Felicia Villaescusa, Vivienne Villaescusa
Modesty—outward and inward—matters to God. Remember that no matter the circumstances, we are modeling a way of life.
  • by Megan Brown
Wanting to look your best is part of our nature, and admittedly it makes us feel really good. But is there a balance between being modest and trendy?
  • by Becky Sweat
“You’re Not Wearing That…!” By Becky Sweat The scoop on kids’ clothing styles and what parents can and should do
  • by Colleen Winner, Jim Servidio
Last issue we looked at the pervasiveness of immodest dress and the challenges this poses for those of us striving to live godly lives. This article identifies godly principles to consider in our clothing and appearance as Christians. A sermon further addressing this is also being planned.—Youth Education Team
  • by David Treybig, Kathy Giese, Zelda Hanisko
Realizing the immense cultural pressure our members face in our modern world, this article is being provided as an introduction in educating our membership on the subject of modesty in dress. This article will focus on the pervasiveness of immodest dress in our society and the challenge this poses for those of us striving to live godly lives. A second article, to appear in the next issue of...