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God's Church

The Bible uses many metaphors to describe his Church: the Body of Christ, the bride of Christ, the family of God, and the Temple of God. All of these metaphors describe attributes of a group of people who are unified by their belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

  • by United Church of God
The Father desires that all people ultimately become His children, and parent-child and sibling relationships on the human level were intended to portray this greater spiritual reality. But there is another family relationship that also pictures a greater spiritual reality—that of marriage.
  • by United Church of God
What does the Bible say about fellowshipping with others?
  • by United Church of God
God makes people from all races and ages and from both sexes as one body of believers. We fellowship as the family of God. But how does this godly fellowship begin?
Does a Christian have to attend a church, or is it possible to "go it alone" as an independent Christian?