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God's Law

God's Law serves an important purpose, both historically and in modern times. God's Law shows His character, His justice, and points forward to His Son, Jesus Christ.

I recently read a scripture in the New Testament where Christ stated that whoever believed in His name would be saved. Most Christian religions today teach that all it takes to receive salvation is to believe that Christ lived and walked on this earth. Yet this is confusing because I've been taught that you are not only supposed to believe in Christ but also to obey the Commandments. What does...
  • by John LaBissoniere
Millions of professing Christians say, “It’s so good to know and love the Lord.” While this is a nice sentiment, how do these sincere people express their love to God? Is it done in the way specified in scripture or is something vitally important missing?
  • by United Church of God
Closer than ever to the end of this present evil age, we have an unusual window of opportunity to search out the hidden purpose of our existence, to find our way back to God.
  • by United Church of God
With so many churches teaching so many different things, how can one identify those who remain faithful to Christ's original teachings? With the world so heavily influenced by Satan and a counterfeit Christianity, how can one find the truth?
  • by Aaron Dean
Many people try to claim that God was harsh in the Old Testament. Yet they love Jesus Christ of the New Testament. In doing so, they try to do away with the law.
  • by Darris McNeely

Many people believe Jesus did away with God's law. What does the Bible say...