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God's plan

  • by John LaBissoniere
How does God use His Holy Spirit and what does He accomplish through it? As we prepare to observe the Holy Day of Pentecost, let’s focus on three of the various roles and functions of the Holy Spirit. By doing so we can better appreciate God’s divine gift to His greatly blessed and deeply loved people.
  • by Ellen Burton
God understands the sorrow and pain that parents feel when their children choose not to follow in the faith.
  • by John LaBissoniere
Have you ever looked around at world conditions and wanted to do something? But what can we do, and what does God want us to do? Understanding His longterm plan for mankind reveals what we should be focused on today as we prepare for “the world to come” (Luke 18:30).
  • by Aaron Creech
Have you ever wondered what has led you to the point where you are in life? Why did you go to the college you did or why do you have the job you have? Is it all by chance?
  • by Lorelei Nettles
Are we staying focused on God, or are we allowing what could have been to get in our way?
  • by Rick Shabi
Have you ever been to an event where everything went “just perfectly,” right down to the last detail? The planner had a vision, and then incorporated the necessary details to make the evening memorable.
  • by United Church of God
What is salvation? Why do we need it? How do we receive it and when? If salvation results in everlasting life—as Christianity teaches—what will those who are saved do for all eternity? What is the penalty for those who fail to receive salvation? If Christians rely on the Bible for their knowledge of these matters, why do we find so many differing beliefs?
  • by Jeremy Lallier
Is a state of mind where God doesn't matter to us really where we want to be?
  • by John Ross Schroeder
Put another way, does our Creator have a divine purpose for human beings? And does He have a prophetic plan whereby His purpose may be worked out here on earth?
  • by Donald Ward
The current U.S. administration is embarking on a familiar path followed by several previous administrations—attempting to bring genuine peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. It's a joint effort, involving many nations. Dubbed the "road map" to peace, will this succeed where numerous previous attempts failed? Bible prophecy gives us a different kind of road map to help us sort out these...
  • by Darris McNeely
Or is it the end of the beginning? The popular media portrays apocalyptic prophecy in an overtly negative light. Is this the whole story of God's wonderful plan for restoring peace to the earth?
  • by Scott Ashley
Only a few realize that these biblical festivals are a teaching tool God uses to reveal His plan.
  • by Doug Wendt
As we learn more of God's truth, it is very exciting to see what lies ahead!
  • by Hector Earle
The feel of it in my hands brought back memories of a hard-working man who cared for his family. It also reminded me of the hope for the future.