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God's word

  • by Steve Myers

What are we consuming? Is it the "junk food" of distraction, or the health...

  • by Dan Dowd
Have you ever thought about what your last words would be before you die? Most people don’t. One’s last words can have meaning. The most profound example of someone whose words and actions changed history for the better is Jesus Christ.
  • by Allen Stout
This is a time many enjoy being home together as a family. But why is it celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ?
  • by United Church of God
Does the way we treat others leave a good taste in their mouths?
  • by Manfred Fraund
The true land of promise lies yet ahead of us, not fully realized until Jesus Christ will once again come to earth as promised—only this time with the authority and power to replace the governments that dared to oppose the will of God. It will be a time of divine Providence for all mankind, free at last to worship and serve our Creator—free to fulfill our true destiny.
  • by Arthur Morris
Meditation on God’s Word helps us navigate through the obstacles of life to reach our destination—God’s Kingdom!
  • by Jim Columbia
When you reach the end of your rope, would you be willing to let go? This modern parable makes you stop and think.