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  • by United Church of God
It depends on your health situation, so fast using common sense, judgment and above all faith. Fasting is an excellent spiritual exercise to get our minds and spirits in tune with God's purpose and plan for us.
  • by United Church of God
God desires good health for His people, but if healing does not appear to come, we must understand God has a much bigger perspective of our lives. He is concerned with our ultimate healing, and may allow illness now for a greater purpose that we might not understand at this point.
  • by Tim Pebworth
The Bible has much to say about mental health. Here are five principles of mental health to stimulate discussion, reflection, prayer and meditation.
  • by Dan Preston
Why doesn’t God always answer our prayers for those who are suffering and in need of a miracle?
  • by Robert Dick
The fall Holy Day season begins with stories about the Day of Trumpets and ends with stories about the coming of the New Jerusalem. But the story rarely told begins before these accounts.
  • by United News
I am a sinner who requires continuous work. I believe that illness can occur for different reasons.
  • by Steve Nutzman
You’re looking at a photo of a Mallard male duck that obviously has an injury to one of his wings. This duck cannot fly.
  • by Mitchell Moss
God desires to give us good gifts. We should ask God and have faith in Him to give. And we should do so not just for ourselves, but for others as well.