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  • by Kingdom come
God willing, there will be many visitors coming through our doors during the days and years to come. They will come in at the proper time. I hope and pray the Church will be ready for them. 
  • by United Church of God
Having company over for dinner and visiting with one another is almost a universally accepted thing to do.
  • by Becky Sweat
There’s more to the art of hospitality than hosting dinner parties. What does the Bible say about being hospitable, and how can you become a better host—regardless of budget?
  • by Vertical Thought
We have found many simple ways to show hospitality to those around us.
  • by Kathleen Hoffart
Dates were plentiful in the biblical times and grow well in many arid areas of the world. Yet one variety had completely disappeared. Could it be revived? What lessons can we learn from the date palm tree?
  • by Robert H Berendt
Hospitality seems to be a lost art in our modern times, but we must learn to offer something of ourselves to others. Not everyone shows hospitality in the same way, but we must learn to share as God has shared with us.
  • by LeeAnn Luker
Hospitality is well on its way out. But understanding what hospitality is-and isn't-may help you recapture the spirit of hospitality.
  • by Elaine Jacobs
For the most part, entertaining was something I endured—rather than enjoyed—until I learned several basic lessons. I remember two incidents from which I learned the most.