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  • by Kelly Thurley
Do we give 100 percent in our everyday lives and relationships?
  • by David Treybig
Traditional marriages—those between one man and one woman—are facing increasing pressures from many directions. Does marriage really matter? Just how important is it? What does the Bible say?
  • by David Treybig
Godly husbands will treat their wives and children with affection and provide spiritual leadership.
  • by Jerold Aust
Many would have you believe that the marital union is archaic and unnecessary. Yet mankind's Creator designed marriage as the ideal relationship for men and women. What fundamental principles can you practice to build a happy marriage?
  • by Noel Hornor
We live in a world saturated with sex. But are we missing an unrealized dimension when it comes to sex and marriage? When and how did sex originate—and why?