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  • by Victor Kubik
People want to live forever. Many scientists say that artificial immortality may soon be possible—but at a great cost to all. Are you ready?
  • by John Ross Schroeder
The cover of a recent issue of Time magazine astonishingly declares, "2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal." But the Bible tells a different story about living forever.
  • by United Church of God
Despite widespread use of the phrase immortal soul, this terminology is found nowhere in the Bible. Where did the idea of an immortal soul originate?
  • by Don Hooser
In the previous seven articles of this series we have explained essential tools for spiritual transformation—prayer, Bible study, meditation, fasting, repentance, baptism and the Church. Now we consider how to use all these tools to attain our ultimate destiny of eternal life!
  • by United Church of God
Think of this next time someone asks, "Would you rather spend eternity in a pine box or a million-dollar mausoleum with chandeliers, skylights and hand-woven rugs?"
  • by Larry Walker
Man has made great strides in technology and medicine, raising the hope that human immortality may be just around the corner. How have these advances come about, and what do they mean for you?