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  • by Dan Taylor
The world is seeing an increasing number of growing trouble spots. Yet one remains consistent in its ability to dominate the headlines—the Middle East. What’s behind its constant turmoil?
  • by Beyond Today Editor
While those in the United States and other Western nations with the freedom of speech have the right to criticize any group within reason, retaliatory violence has created an atmosphere in which individuals and groups are afraid of offering even reasoned, respectful criticism.
  • by Scott Ashley
Europe may be waking up to a new reality—that waves of Muslim immigrants and Islamic terror attacks are transforming the continent before our eyes. Does Bible prophecy indicate where events might be heading?
  • by Tom Robinson
Rising "lone wolf" Islamist attacks against the West should compel us to learn the importance of seeking true security. 
  • by Scott Ashley
The brutality of the Islamic State and various terrorist organizations is shocking and horrifying—beheadings, suicide attacks, slaughter of prisoners and women forced into sexual slavery. What's really behind such barbarism? The truth may surprise you!
  • by Scott Ashley
Out of a world population of about 7 billion, approximately one in four to five people—1.5 to 1.6 billion—is Muslim (though some place the number of Muslims as high as 2 billion).
  • by Scott Ashley
Once again the Middle East is being transformed before our eyes, with a near-constant stream of headlines describing chaos and upheaval. What does it mean? Where is it leading? You need to know the answers!
  • by Skip Miller
Our world is a violent, law-breaking one, but someday soon that will all change.
  • by Robert H Berendt
Egypt’s importance stretches over thousands of years and will continue through the end of this age.
  • by Rodney Hall
As America pulls out of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, other powers are rushing in to fill the vacuum. Domestic, regional and global forces are all vying for influence. Where are events in the ever-volatile Middle East headed?