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  • by Melvin Rhodes
For centuries Europeans fought wars over religion. Eventually, the proliferation of Protestant denominations led to greater tolerance. But now religious intolerance is back due to demographic changes that are changing the face of the continent. 
  • by Good News
The messages that became the Koran, or Quran, make up a volume about four-fifths the size of the New Testament.
  • by Noel Hornor
When and how did the religion of Islam come into existence? What are its values and beliefs? How did it rise to dominate many nations? And will it ultimately persist?
  • by John Ross Schroeder
To comprehend why Islamic and Western civilization conflict so sharply requires studying the basic differences between their underlying philosophies. Make no mistake: The bare facts reveal that the West now finds itself in very serious jeopardy. 
  • by Scott Ashley
In our fast-changing world, it's more important than ever that we understand where we're going.
  • by Gary Petty
Why is there so much unrest in the Middle East? Why do we see constant strife between the Israelis and their neighbors? The answers to these questions didn't begin with the formation of the state of Israel in 1948. The history of these conflicts goes back 4,000 years and is recorded in a place many people would never think to look - the Bible!
  • by Scott Ashley
Recent headlines have been filled with accounts of riots, protests and demonstrations in several Middle Eastern countries. What's behind them? What does it all mean? Does Bible prophecy provide any clues?
  • by United Church of God
In order to appreciate more fully what we believe, it may help to understand the religious beliefs of others.
  • by Paul Kieffer
Populist sentiment may be just a groundswell of discontent and concern among a minority, but it can also affect major political developments, depending on its momentum and the issues involved.
  • by United Church of God
Arabs call the Crusades al-Salibiyyah. The term is highly emotional to them, reminding them of European atrocities committed during the 200-year-long campaign to bring the Holy Land under Catholic control.
  • by United Church of God
The Arab religious landscape was to change dramatically with the prophet Muhammad and the religion he founded, Islam.
  • by Paul Kieffer
With birthrates among traditional Europeans in decline while population growth in Europe's Muslim communities soars, one European voice asks whether Europe wants to preserve its cultural and religious identity. Will anyone listen before it's too late?
  • by Becky Sweat
The world is horrified by regular bloody terrorist attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Such attacks have also been carried out in Western nations such as the United States, Britain and Spain. What's behind this blood-soaked trend, and where is it leading?