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  • by Scott Ashley
We’re used to seeing headlines about bloody clashes between Arabs and Israelis over the Temple Mount. But another battle, involving old arguments, is reemerging—being waged over history and archaeology as it relates to where the Jerusalem temples actually existed. What are the facts?
  • by Steven Britt
As modern Israel turns 70, we look back at what led up to the amazing reestablishment of a Jewish state in the Holy Land after centuries of exile, and the struggle endured since—and ahead to promises and yearning yet unfulfilled.
  • by Scott Ashley
Against all odds, Israel manages to not just survive but to thrive. It’s an astounding story and one that, amazingly enough, was indicated ages ago in Bible prophecy.
  • by Darris McNeely
Through the prophet Isaiah, God asks: “Where is the house that you will build Me? And where is the place of My rest?” (Isaiah 66:1). There is an obvious answer—in the Middle East. In a city called Jerusalem, God placed His house. It’s the only spot on earth where God has had a fixed home. To that place He will return. That is one of many reasons why the Middle East matters.
  • by Scott Ashley
Jerusalem, the center of conflict, is destined to fulfill its destiny as the center of peace for the world!
  • by Beyond Today Editor
In a region defined by Islamic sectarian violence, anti-Semitic violence, anti-Western violence, foreign invasion and intervention, and bloody regime changes, Israel is typically an oasis of relative peace, freedom and stability.
Many ideas about Armageddon can be found in literature and movies. But what does the Bible say about Armageddon?
  • by United Church of God
In the article "Jerusalem Center of Conflict, Center of Peace," it appears you are insinuating that the New Jerusalem will be set up by man, an idea not supported in the scriptures. Can you please clarify?
  • by Steven Britt
It can be easy to take the modern state of Israel for granted—but it is actually an extraordinary fulfillment of biblical prophecy.