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  • by Mario Seiglie
In our mission to preach the gospel and to prepare a people, let us never forget how important it is to exalt that “perfect law of liberty.”
  • by Judd Patton
Are you challenging yourself to “Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ?” (Colossians 2:8)
  • by Jerold Aust, John Ross Schroeder
The world became less free in 2009, according to Freedom House, an independent watchdog organization that monitors the status of human freedom around the world.
  • by Robin Webber
Freedom never simply just happens. It has to be envisioned, considered and, yes, at times given birth through great sacrifice. Before one can reach a destination, the course must be laid out.
  • by Les McCullough
More than 200 years ago these three French words reverberated through the streets of Paris during the French Revolution. If only every society could truly practice the biblical version of liberty, equality and brotherhood! Yet the time is coming when they will.
  • by Good News
America's citizens "all were reared in a British climate of opinion, with the Ten Commandments at the back of their minds, when not in the forefront."
  • by Robert H Berendt
We are strongly influenced by people around us. Often the actions of others draw us simply because it seems everybody is doing it. Few people give serious thought to consequences or to the future.
  • by LeeAnn Luker
A penny may not be worth much, but the messages on it remind us of some valuable life lessons. Is there a message for you?