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  • by Randy Shoemaker
A son’s plea for his father to fight death a little longer. As children of God, we have a similar calling to fight darkness—to not allow God’s light in us to die out.
  • by Darris McNeely
Several years ago my wife and I were spending a few days at a small inn near the town of Baddeck on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
  • by Andy McClain
Our family loves to camp. When we are unable to make it to nearby state park, we will often camp in our backyard.
  • by Doug Horchak
Young adults can make a difference in the world by living as Christ did and letting their light shine by the example they set.
  • by Phyllis Newton
When my family and I were on a tour of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, we found that losing the light can be devastating.
  • by Bruce Gore
Whether our Feast destination is a hundred miles away or 10,000, each of us represents God and a part of His end-time work to those we come in contact with.