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  • by Howard Davis
Does your family properly use electronic mass media? Or do you let the media abuse you? Here are 10 principles to help you regain control and stamp out media abuse.
  • by Howard Davis
Several amazing biblical passages foretell the shaping of the world at the time of the end by a powerful web of global media.
  • by Good News
The entertainment establishment-writers, producers and stars of the movies, TV programs and music we consume-are overwhelmingly liberal in their political outlook.
  • by Good News
The major media news organizations and outlets, says journalist William Proctor, have their own lists of rights and wrongs that they support or condemn through their editorials and reporting.
  • by Jerold Aust
Some people accept the news they read in newspapers and watch on television as the gospel truth. Is such trust in our mass media justified? Do you really know who's telling you what to think-and why?
  • by John Ross Schroeder, Melvin Rhodes
According to a study conducted for the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, "sexual content on television has risen sharply since 1997, showing up in two of every three programs last season."