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Overcoming Sin

How can I stop the cycle of sin and overcome? The answer is through understanding and practicing repentance that works. If you are struggling to overcome a certain sin, why not ask yourself, Do I really understand repentance, and am I really willing to practice it? Am I truly willing to change?

  • by Steve Myers

Having invaded hearts and homes, the evil of pornography has become a...

  • by Darris McNeely

There are many restraints that Satan uses to tangle us in unfulfilled lives...

  • by Joy Porter
God’s Word should change us, but it’s easy to get trapped in behaviors and habits that limit us from experiencing real growth.
  • by Lorelei Nettles
When you don't feel good, it can seem like you can't do anything. But feeling broken doesn’t mean you can’t move forward.
  • by Mary Jackson
I spent many years feeling sorry for myself blaming other people for my problems because I perceived myself as a victim. I hurt my family and live with the consequences to this day. How could God still work with the mess that I was?
  • by Lisa Fenchel
What to remember when you find yourself in one of life's messes.
  • by Steve Myers

We are told that we can have strength but do we use it?

  • by Robert H Berendt
Each of us makes the decisions that ultimately shape the courses of our lives.
  • by Katherine Rowland
Is there any benefit to doing our best or is only the first place finisher rewarded?