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  • by Robin Webber
The cool days of November are upon us. Since I was a lad, this time of the year always causes me to think of the echoing pronouncement, "It was on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month that the guns went silent."
  • by Melvin Rhodes
Kurdish rebels, seeking an autonomous Kurdistan, have been attacking Turkish troops from the sanctuary of northern Iraq. Turkey now threatens to send troops into the most peaceful region of Iraq. Complicating the problem was an attempt in the U.S. Congress to condemn Turkey for a massacre that took place almost a century ago.
  • by Mike Bennett
Will science create a gleaming utopia of peace and happiness for all? Or does a nightmarish world await us? Futurists offer a variety of conflicting visions. But is there a way to foresee what it will really be like in the world beyond today?
  • by United Church of God
You don’t always have to see eye to eye to walk side by side.
  • by John Ross Schroeder
The Bible reveals that God has an overall plan that will bring mankind's sufferings to a close and usher in world peace and prosperity. That plan has a number of benchmarks pictured by seven annual festivals.
  • by Paul Suckling
Most people want peace. But few understand how it can be achieved. Sadly, religion is today one of the primary obstacles to peace.
  • by Randy Stiver
In the lyrics of a song, the writer verbalized humanity's great conundrum. We want to live in peace. But we just don't know how. We don't even agree how 'peace' should be defined.
  • by Howard Davis
In 2000 the United Nations established "Millennium Development Goals" to eliminate extreme poverty and hunger; reduce disease, child mortality and malnutrition; and to improve education, personal incomes and opportunities, housing and sanitation worldwide by the year 2015. All 191 UN member states have pledged to meet these goals. While admirable aspirations, how do they compare to what God...
  • by Howard Davis
British statesman Winston Churchill, soon after its creation, wondered whether the United Nations would be "a true temple of peace" or "a cockpit in a Tower of Babel." Sixty years after its creation we still wonder whether it will fulfill its lofty goals and whether mankind will ever find lasting peace.
  • by Darris McNeely
It is tragic when terrorists attack innocent civilians, whatever the "cause." It is doubly sad when it is done to coincide with the biblical Holy Days that foreshadow peace among all peoples.