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practical parenting

  • by Nancy Capo
Ellen fell asleep on the floor while breastfeeding in the middle of the night, and woke up later in her own bed, not really certain if she actually fed the baby.
  • by Larry Greider
Many parents today are bewildered by the prospect of rearing children at the frenetic pace and with the conflicting messages of the 21st century. But there is ancient wisdom that can help.
  • by Paul Luecke
Why not take advantage of the incredible, spongelike learning capacity of our children to start planting the most important information of all—God's instructions—within them at a young age? Here are some tips on reading the Bible as a family no matter your children's ages.
  • by United News
Sometimes being a parent can be like being a broken record: "Don't do that!" "Be careful!" "I've told you three times to clean up your room!"
  • by Marilyn Braley
The Blessing by Gary Smalley and John Trent (published by Thomas Nelson Inc. in 1985) explains the need that children of all ages have for the approval of their parents and how they can suffer by not receiving this.
  • by United News
"All of us are born with the basic need for attention," writes Kevin Leman in Bringing Up Kids Without Tearing Them Down. "All children start out with this basic skill, which they hone to a sharp edge as they go about the business of growing up.