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Relationship with God

Building a relationship with God is a life-long process. These articles will help guide you in your daily relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

  • by Amanda Stiver
Keep technology appropriate to its place. Don't let it grow out of proportion or obscure your vital lines of communication with God.
  • by Larry Walker
We all enjoy the material possessions that make life more comfortable and enjoyable. But they are temporary and should not be our main focus.
  • by Joy Porter
Being too busy and other barriers can trip up our prayer life. What can we do to better take advantage of this priceless privilege of communicating with our Creator?
  • by Tim Waddle
What is love, and what is infatuation? Do you think you know? Before you assume you're in love, you should be sure you know what it is!
  • by Don Hooser
Three earlier articles in this series covered prayer, Bible study and thinking or meditation. Along with those spiritual tools, we need to frequently combine this fourth tool—fasting.
  • by Robert H Berendt
We are instructed in the Bible to pray to God in all circumstances, but do we pray with the attitude “Your will be done”? God desires our trust and faith in Him to guide our lives along the path He has chosen.
  • by Larry Walker
Communication is one of the most important processes of human life. Yet in many ways, it is an area with the greatest need for improvement.
  • by Good News
"Calling" is the term the Bible uses for the process of God bringing a people into a relationship with Himself.
  • by Robert H Berendt
I was touched and inspired watching a father and his young daughter face a challenging quest together.
  • by Tom M Damour
Moses was called out of Egypt both physically and spiritually. His experience, though unique in many ways, is not altogether different from ours. Just as he learned to trust God during his lifetime, so should we. Moses is more like us than many think.