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  • by Barbara Fenney
What will it be like for those raised to life again in the resurrection described in Ezekiel's vision? Suddenly being raised back to physical life will certainly come as a shock to just about everyone affected!
  • by Don Hooser
The fact that a large portion of Bible prophecy describes the Millennium proves it is extremely important to God. And the more you understand it, the more important it will be to you.
  • by Doug Wendt
As we learn more of God's truth, it is very exciting to see what lies ahead!
  • by Peter Hawkins
Sometimes we do not realize the end result of our actions. So it is when a law is passed that seems to be in the best interest of the community. Yet in the hands of clever prosecutors or corrupt officials, such a law may become a problem for honest people.
  • by Don Hooser
Every time we hear of catastrophic events, we are reminded of how vulnerable we are to injury and death. Life is indeed very fragile. And the Bible reveals that disasters will increase. In describing events of the end time, Jesus warned that "there will be great earthquakes in various places" as well as other destructive disasters (Luke 21:11).
  • by Darris McNeely
As I looked closely into my guide's eyes, I could see the lingering pain and the unanswered question. Although she was much closer to the situation than I was, she still had no answer after many years.
  • by Robert H Berendt
Life in this world is certainly not fair. Some wonder about the next life. Does the Bible’s teaching of a second resurrection mean a second chance? Or is it really a first chance—a fair chance to avoid the “second death” and live happily forever?
  • by Larry Walker
Why is the world awash in suffering? How did the world come to be in such sad shape? Most important, what will bring about the end of pain?
  • by United News
The following summary forms the conclusion of the doctrinal paper on "The Resurrections" recently posted to the UCG Web site at The paper goes through the scriptural basis for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the first resurrection, the second resurrection and the third resurrection, with an appendix on "Lazarus and the Rich Man."
  • by Gary Petty
South African photojournalist Kevin Carter snapped a picture of a small, starving Sudanese girl crawling towards a food shelter. A vulture, poised a few feet away, was awaiting the inevitable. Few who saw the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo weren't haunted by the scene. With so much bad news, what a blessing to know the good news of the resurrections revealed through the Holy Days!
  • by Joan Osborn
Some people's performances are so special that they warrant immortal mention in the Bible.
  • by John Miller
The hope of the resurrection comes alive in the midst of a tragic death. This moving account underscores the reality of the moment when we will be reunited with our loved ones.
  • by LeeAnn Luker
A penny may not be worth much, but the messages on it remind us of some valuable life lessons. Is there a message for you?