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Return of Jesus Christ

  • by Tina Cason
Just as we wait expectantly for some of life's major events, we must prepare for Christ's return.
  • by Gary Petty
Do you believe that Jesus Christ is going to save you from the coming time of horrendous global trouble by whisking you away into heaven beforehand in what many call the Rapture? What will you do if He doesn't?
  • by Randy D'Alessandro
A glance at news reports shows a world of increasing trouble and difficult times. Good news can be hard to come by, but the Bible has the best news of all in telling of the answer to the world's problems.
  • by John Ross Schroeder
News sources the world over continue to report troubling trends. There is only one solution to it all: the return of Jesus Christ to this earth! The biblical Feast of Trumpets represents this momentous occasion.
  • by Michael A Snyder
Many individuals, past and present, have made false and misleading claims about the end times. Harold Camping is the most recent of these. While such people feel like they are doing the work of God, in reality they are producing skepticism and a lack of faith when their prophecies fail. We must treat God's Word with respect and care when teaching about prophecy.
  • by Randy D'Alessandro
Common to all the major national upheavals we see today is a crisis of leadership. Many view national leaders as corrupt and incompetent. Is there a cure for the disease of ungodly leadership?
  • by Dan McGee
Sometimes people attempt to change or force the future, when what they really need to do is study and wait.