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  • by Steve Myers

Running a race is a common metaphor in the Bible for our Christian journey...

  • by David Fenney
Clothing keeps us warm, protecting and shielding us. It also speaks volumes about us as individuals. There is, however, a particular item of apparel that God wants to see a Christian wearing.
  • by John LaBissoniere
Do we place as much emphasis on the development of our character as we do in making sure we look physically presentable each day?
  • by Lorelei Nettles
How we act matters. The smallest of infractions reflect on how people view us.
  • by Katherine Rowland
Real repentance can be a daunting task. But the weight that’s lifted off you is well worth the effort
  • by United Church of God
The command to keep our garments clean extends to our spiritual life as well.
  • by Jim Smith
People today don’t believe Satan exists or don’t take him seriously. But he is a real enemy, and we need real armor to overcome him.
  • by Jack Elliott
Whether wealthy elite or ragged vagabond, without Christ in us we are but man.
  • by Graemme Marshall
Our fast-paced world is far removed from the dusty roads Jesus walked in first-century Palestine. Can He really understand our needs and sufferings? Can He empathize with our worries?
  • by Jerold Aust
Many connections are to be noted between Joshua and Jesus. The names share the same meaning: "God is salvation." Jesus (Ieous) is the Greek form of the Hebrew Joshua (Yehosua). Many parallels can be drawn between the two Joshuas.