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Same-Sex Attraction

  • by Melvin Rhodes
The two issues that have most divided churches since the social revolution of the 1960’s have been the role of women and changing attitudes toward homosexuality (frequently referred to as same-sex attraction). Changes in secular western nations have led to demands for change in the church in both of these areas. More important is what changes God would have us make.
  • by Don Hooser
It’s important for everyone to truly understand this subject. It’s especially important if you are experiencing SSA or someone you love is experiencing it. This article uses our own church history to clarify many aspects of this subject. Today, we feel very ashamed of our general lack of understanding, sensitivity and love 50+ years ago. Since then, we have had dramatic growth in our...
  • by Sarah Blackston
Being dependent on another person for your emotional well-being isn't a healthy way to live.