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Sermon on the Mount

  • by Darris McNeely

The Bible is our authority. We can never go wrong if we stand behind the...

  • by Robin Webber
Christ recognized what lay ahead for those who would heed His call, so He set the incredibly high standards that reflect the inner character of His Kingdom, and then He offered a rich blessing for those who would take Him at His word and follow.
  • by Luke Hopper
In this age of materialism, we all must strive to place our priorities in proper perspective. God’s Word, the Bible, provides the guidance we need daily to put Him first and not allow anything or anyone to take our focus from God.
  • by Robin Webber
"Red States" and "Blue States" now seem locked into America's everyday jargon. The so-called "Culture Wars" pit old time Americana values against the more progressive-liberal stream of the national psyche. Yet the terms Red States (politically conservative) and Blue States (politically liberal) are somewhat misleading...