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Social Media

  • by Beyond Today Editor
Early last year the term “fake news” wasn’t a part of our vocabulary. Sure, there were satirical news and websites that had obvious fake news, but it was for fun and entertainment. Then this new idea of fake news spread across Facebook and other social networks. A good portion of this fake news was shared as legitimate. Some say that this helped Donald Trump win the presidential election in the...
  • by Gary Petty

What is the relationship between social media and anxiety?

  • by Katherine Rowland
Social media and the digital age has made communication more accessible than ever before. But is every idea worth sharing? What is our Christian responsibility?
  • by Kathy Sanny
I believe social media has become the new soap opera obsession, with far more people involved than ever got wrapped up in the soaps, and it can be just as harmful if not more so.
  • by Kathy Sanny
Don't let the chemicals in your brain dictate how you spend your time—redeem it to pursue things of meaning and importance.
  • by Gary Petty

You don’t need to be a slave to anxiety! Find out important and powerful...

  • by Brittany Hynes
If you run a Google search for “fired because of social media,” you will find case after case of people losing their jobs as a result of something they posted on a social media account.
  • by Steve Myers

A recent study reveals some interesting truths about the way we share news...

  • by Kathy Sanny
Being wary of what we say extends to our digital lives.
  • by Kevin Greer
How can others have confidence in us when we preach the gospel of the Kingdom if we can't even handle a simple news story? Ultimately, it is our responsibility to ensure we are sharing fact, not fiction, over social media.