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South America

Below are some resources commenting on current affairs in South America and how they may be leading to a biblically-prophesied future.

  • by Cecil Maranville
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez won reelection Dec. 3 to another six-year term. Should the world take him seriously? Should the United States be concerned about his rhetoric? Yes!
  • by Fred Nance
The people of Latin America are voting for leaders whom they hope can lift the region's millions from the grips of poverty. The gap between rich and poor has become the main issue throughout the region and therefore a primary theme of regional leaders, whether conservative or liberal.
  • by Cecil Maranville, John Ross Schroeder, Jim Tuck
Do you remember the advertising line that said, "when [a certain financial planner] speaks, people listen"? People have become accustomed to "listening" to the vagaries of the stock market. Actually, they need to tune their ears to other voices-three in particular. Regardless of what happens in the near future in the major stock markets of the world, the following factors indicate rough times...