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summer camp

  • by Steve Nutzman
We have another excellent issue—our pre-camp issue—for your reading pleasure.
  • by Ethan Wolfe
I distinctly remember the color gray. The sky, the overall mood­ of hesitation had been draped over the trees like a massive blanket of morosity. Not a soul wanted to leave the campground, and more than a few tears were already being shed between friends and family. My first year of the Zone had come to a close, and it was time to depart and head for home.
  • by J L
I liked her right away. She was pretty, funny and outgoing. I could tell that she was interested in me as well by the way she looked at me and talked to me. This was the first year of camp for both of us, and neither of us had many friends. Connecting on this, we overcame our nervousness and got to know each other.
  • by Brittany Hynes
Summer brings a wealth of opportunities to travel, learn new things, and have fun—but one of the best things about summer is camp season! Being a camper is an experience that can’t be explained secondhand: You have to go to camp yourself to truly appreciate it.
  • by Brittany Hynes
I have loved camp since going as a camper for the first time at 15 and have grown fonder of it as I continue to participate as a staff member. The first time I served on the staff I didn’t fully know what to expect since I never wondered what goes on behind the scenes! Learning this new perspective on the camp experience was fun and challenging.
  • by Janet Treadway
So you’re headed to camp and maybe for the very first time. Perhaps you are shy and you would rather not get involved. Perhaps those feelings have come from being rejected. Perhaps you feel you have nothing to offer. I’ve been there, and here’s what I’ve learned from my own experiences.