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  • by Steve Myers

What junk is clogging up our minds? Are we keeping track of temptations that...

  • by Robert Curry
All of us face temptation and know the terrible sinking feeling of giving in to it. The Bible tells us not only how to resist temptation but also how to overcome it. “I can resist anything except temptation”—Oscar Wilde, an Irish playwright. His solution to get rid of temptation? “Give in to it!” How can we conquer temptation? It’s too important to settle for a Wilde guess!
  • by John LaBissoniere
There is an unseen power at work right now! A hidden enemy that can injure and destroy is in our midst. What is this concealed influence and most importantly, what can we do about it?
  • by George Carter
At the very end, having writhed in agony for hours in shameful public crucifixion, the Son of God overcame the last terrible temptation as a man.
  • by Jim Smith
Satan is the master at blinding people. But we need sharp spiritual senses to avoid sin and think more like Jesus Christ.