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The Spirit World

"Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came among them" (Job 1:6).

The spirit world is a plane of existence generally invisible to the human eye, with few exceptions throughout the course of history. It's typically from this realm that both angels and demons as well as God and Satan operate and interact with humanity, and we should take great care in how we approach it.

  • by Gary Jacques
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in my backyard, and you may not believe the life lessons it taught me.
  • by Good News
Those who do the channeling claim they are receiving information or commands from a divine or unknown source. In effect, they say, they are like a radio receiving a signal from a transmitter. But who is speaking through the channeler?
  • by Mario Seiglie
Strange practices and religions such as Wicca, Santeria, voodoo and channeling are growing in popularity. What's behind them? Are such things harmless, or is there more to them than meets the eye?
  • by Mario Seiglie
Both popular culture and religion bombard us with references to the spirit world. But is it real? What’s it all about? Where can you turn to sort out fact from fable?
  • by Steve Myers, Randy Stiver, Ralph Levy
He is often depicted as a grotesque creature with horns and tail inhabiting...
  • by Steve Myers, Paul Suckling, Jerold Aust
Do invisible, supernatural beings really exist or is it fable and myth? How can...
  • by Steve Myers, Don Henson, Howard Davis
Many believe that when good people die their souls go to heaven. Is this really...
  • by Jim Columbia
Just as complacency can mean death to the man who hunts the giant Kodiak bear, it can bring on spiritual death to the Christian. Learn the importance of fighting complacency from hearing the true story of Allen Hasselborg.
  • by Randy Stiver
There is a very real battle going on inside your head. You have the power to determine who will win. Don't lose this crucial confrontation.
  • by Tom Clark
Do you know for sure whether there really is an evil spirit named Satan? What about his minions called demons? How does all of this affect young people?
  • by Joe Camerata
Angels are in the movies, on cards, everywhere—at least the popular conceptions of angels are. But what does the Bible really say about how we should think about angels?
  • by Gary Petty
It seems like such harmless fun—children dressed as witches, skeletons or Darth Vader ringing the doorbell, enthusiastically announcing, "Trick or treat!" But is this preoccupation with the dead, witches and demons really harmless? And do you realize that Halloween was originally an important religious holiday—and still is in many parts of the world?