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  • by Steve Myers

What we say is a reflection of what we think about. What do our words say...

  • by Lorelei Nettles
For Christians, what we say and how we speak is a matter of faithfulness.
  • by Lorelei Nettles
What we say and do, no matter how sweetly, can still hurt.
  • by Zach Smith
You and I control the sharpest object of all—the tongue. The question is: For what purpose will we use it?
  • by Debbie Pennington
Have you ever heard a word so many times that it sounds strange? A word or phrase loses meaning when repeated too often. This is the caution of the Third Commandment.
  • by Leslie Schwartz
It is entirely in our control, yet one of the hardest things to control. It has the power to uplift and encourage—or destroy and damage. And we use it every day of our lives in everything we do. How can you make your speech more encouraging?
  • by Becky Sweat
In our relationships with friends and family, we are often concerned with saying exactly the right thing at the right time. However, in a difficult situation sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all.