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two witnesses

  • by Robert H Berendt
God teaches us how to stay afloat in troubled times.
  • by Gary Petty
A little-noticed prophecy in the biblical book of Revelation shows that Jesus Christ's return couldn't take place without a revolutionary change in global mass communications—a change that has taken place only in the last few years.
  • by Jerold Aust
Your Bible reveals there will be two witnesses in the end time who will turn the world upside down, testifying for Christ against sin and sinners. Some of the miracles they will perform will parallel those of Moses and Elijah. There’s an enlightening lesson in these similarities.
  • by Tom Robinson
In Jesus Christ's best-known prophecy, He spoke of a coming "abomination of desolation" in Jerusalem. What does this mean? In this prophecy, the past helps us understand the future.