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  • by Larry Greider
Life's greatest challenges are in every day decisions! Learning to choose wisely and learning from your experiences can prepare you for a rewarding future.
  • by Melvin Rhodes
In recent decades the British and American peoples have increasingly turned away from the Bible. Few can even remember when the Word of God was revered in our nations, but only a century ago it was considered the source of the “ennobling ideals” that united both nations.
  • by John Ross Schroeder
Sensing a weakness of will, hostile nations appear to be ganging up on America. Some consider the United States a second-rate power. What are some of the specific problems, internationally and domestically, and how will they affect America's future?
  • by Jerold Aust, John Ross Schroeder
"More than 8 in 10 Americans think morality is getting worse," reports the Gallup News Service regarding a recent poll. Among those polled who regard American moral values as very low are senior citizens, women in general and those who attend church regularly.
  • by Sarah Gray
"What do you place as most important in your life? Where are your thoughts primarily focused? What are you now thinking about? (Hopefully I haven't lost you just yet!) What were you thinking about 20 minutes ago? Yesterday? This week?"
  • by Jerold Aust, John Ross Schroeder
Americans don't like not knowing why they are hated around the world. Of course, the United States still has some nations as friends—chiefly among the English-speaking world, Israel and in parts of Northern and Eastern Europe. But the numbers are becoming fewer.
  • by David Treybig
"Thanks for sharing your opinion," said the man after I had answered his question about the Bible.
  • by Natalie McQueen
A radio program portrayed it as one. But in the end...
  • by Corbin Rose
Everybody these days chooses their own standards to live by, but only the Bible contains the true way of life.
  • by Gina Reed
Staying pure when there are so many evil influences is rough- here are tips to help.
  • by Gary Petty
Lawyers argue in U.S. courts that pornography falls under the constitutional right of free speech. There is a strong movement to replace Judeo-Christian influences in schools with extreme multiculturalism. Radical feminists denounce concepts of the traditional family. Homosexuals want to totally redefine marriage. What is happening to America?
  • by Darris McNeely
With the legalization of same-sex civil unions in New jersey, America is taking another step down the slippery slope of decline.
  • by Darris McNeely
The United States needs a speech like that given by the prophet Jeremiah when he stood in the capital city of ancient Judah.
  • by Larry Greider
A look back tells us clearly where today's movies are headed. Are they morphing—shape shifting—your values?