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water shortages

  • by Graemme Marshall
Worldwide consumption of water is doubling every 20 years. Aquifers are already overexploited, creating serious shortages; the future looks even bleaker.
  • by Cecil Maranville
"Water, water everywhere . . ."? Not so! The worldwide crisis of water shortages continues to mount. Some have ideas that may alleviate the problem, if enough nations and individuals cooperate. What about God? Is He causing today's problems? Will He change the climate in the future?
  • by Cecil Maranville, Darris McNeely, John Ross Schroeder
"One Billion Asians Could Be Parched in 24 Years, Say Experts" sounds like the title of a science-fiction novel. Actually, it's the title of an Agence France Presse report on a meeting of world experts on water supply who met recently in Honolulu, Hawaii.