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what happens after death

  • by Gary Petty

Does the Bible say anything about purgatory? If so, who goes to purgatory,...

  • by Hector Earle
The feel of it in my hands brought back memories of a hard-working man who cared for his family. It also reminded me of the hope for the future.
  • by Gary Petty
A few years ago a Time magazine poll revealed that 81 percent of people in the United States believe in "the existence of heaven, where people live forever with God after they die." The poll also showed that ideas vary widely on exactly what it's like in heaven. But what does the Bible really say about life after death?
  • by W. Fred Crow
Untimely deaths of family and friends brought home the truth that time is far too precious to waste.
  • by John Miller
The hope of the resurrection comes alive in the midst of a tragic death. This moving account underscores the reality of the moment when we will be reunited with our loved ones.