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What should I do to live a Christian life?

  • by United Church of God
God gave His likeness to man. There are no other organisms on this planet that are made in the image of God, only humanity. We are special to Him, and we have received a special calling.
  • by United Church of God
If you've never fasted before, a commitment of a day may be easier to accomplish and will familiarize you with the process. Use that first experience to learn what your body's particular reactions are.
What does God want us to say to Him, and how can prayer help us develop a stronger relationship with God?
Movies can have a powerful impact on our minds. Sex and violence escalate, while movie ratings retreat. How can a Christian choose good, family friendly movies today?
  • by United Church of God
Some call fasting a spiritual discipline. It is often connected with prayer, Bible study and meditation. What is fasting and why does the Bible encourage us to fast?