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  • by Len Martin
Never underestimate the importance of your words. God wants our words to build up, to edify, to encourage, not tear down or discourage.
  • by United Church of God
We put a variety of spices into our foods and call that "seasoning."
  • by Lorelei Nettles
Language is a useful tool for communicating, but used in the wrong way it can become useless or damaging.
  • by Becky Sweat
Our words can cut like a sword or be as comforting as a fluffy blanket, but sometimes its what is not said that can be cutting or comforting.
  • by Marilyn Braley
A mother's son is murdered in cold blood. A husband loses his beloved wife of two years, just before the Feast. You know both families and want to comfort them, but what can you say in the face of such a terrible loss?
  • by Jada Howell
We often use our words as weapons. We forget how seemingly harmless phrases can carry a hurtful meaning.
  • by Janet Treadway
When loneliness and depression beat you down, remember, there is Someone to help you up. Don't accept the label "loser," because you were born to win!