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  • by Robert H Berendt
You often hear people pledge help to someone in need.
  • by United Church of God
Since most people don't read the Bible, they know little about God. Many aren't even sure whether God is real. What about you? What kind of faith do you have? Do you want to have more? Do you understand what faith really is?
  • by United Church of God
Thank God for church services that provide the lift we need each week—at least the spiritual kind!
  • by Preston Buchanan
How can we be spiritually fruitful and avoid falling off the path on our way to the Kingdom? Peter gives us eight traits that are guaranteed to help.
  • by United Church of God
Silent actions can speak volumes.
  • by Carol Taylor
Like everyone else on the beat, Detective Sergeant Joe had heard the lectures on bulletproof vests and had found them entirely convincing.
  • by Good News
Despite what Martin Luther thought, James' teaching of faith proven by works is sound and biblical.