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• Open and close with prayer and let teens give the prayers. Perhaps ask if they have something special to pray about. It's nice to hold hands as a family during the prayers.

• Sitting around a table or family room so each person can see everyone else as he or she is speaking and with everyone feeling comfortable.

• Use the Bible as the foundation of the discussions and teach God's timeless Laws and principles of life as found there. There is no need to "entertain" or use "gimmicks".

• The discussions are not about opinions but instead anchor the discussions to the timeless truths and lessons of the Bible.

• You can make it relevant because the Bible is truly relevant—to a child, to teens, to young adults, to middle-age adults and to the seniors.

• Inspire development of all four "spheres" of life: physical, mental/intellectual, social and spiritual. God sees potential in all of us in all areas of our lives.