A Ministry of Reconciliation

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A Ministry of Reconciliation

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Reconciliation opportunities exist in unexpected places. It's of little help to others when we want to make up for past mistakes if we fail to do so before we die. Each day is a window of opportunity to correct family mistakes. We can absolve the conscience and confront the uncomfortable situations of earlier years.

In the sunset of life we feel less embarrassment at losing face. We are best prepared by life's wisdom to humbly accept blame for wrongs. The mellowing of age equips to forgo pride in favor of doing the right thing.

The best gift we can give to a child or spouse is to set things straight while we still have time. The older we get the harder it is to lie to ourselves. How much happier we could be by clearing away a guilty conscience.

So write your own epitaph. What has been the sum of your life? Is it too late to put more meaning into it? How do you want to be remembered? GN

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