Current Events & Trends: Charlie Hebdo and freedom of speech

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Charlie Hebdo and freedom of speech

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The hashtag #jesuisCharlie gained widespread use as a display of solidarity with the publication’s employees and the families of those murdered.

It was a horrible scene in which writers and artists were murdered by Islamic militants offended by Charlie Hebdo’s articles and illustrations ridiculing Islam and Islamic extremism—along with poking fun at all religions, including Christianity and Judaism.

How should we view matters like this? The murder of Charlie Hebdo employees was certainly evil and inexcusable. There is no justification for it—and the murderers here have a very twisted view of right and wrong. But should others, in defense of liberty, now champion this publication with its blasphemous depictions and references to God and Jesus Christ? Using civil freedoms in this way is also evil and should be offensive to any serious Christian.

Would Jesus be in favor of our modern, Western version of freedom of speech? The freedom of speech does provide an avenue for this gospel message to go out to a world that desperately needs it, yet it also gives equal opportunity for blasphemies, pornography, hatred and many other things the Bible strongly condemns.

We often see the freedoms we value taken well beyond the proper limits of morality and common sense. Abortion, the murder of the innocent unborn, is acceptable in the name of freedom. Freedom of speech is another value and ideology that Satan will continue to lead people to severely abuse until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. God speed that day.