Current Events & Trends: Chinese espionage against America

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Chinese espionage against America

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Earlier this year there were allegations that the United States tapped the cell phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. But with no significant evidence, the Germans dropped their investigations. Spying seems to be a practice that is assumed and not talked about. There also seems to be some guidelines. Recently The Wall Street Journal reported: “[President Barack Obama] said the Chinese government—like the U.S. government—engages in traditional spying against foreign nations, which he acknowledged is a common practice. But he said he has told the Chinese, ‘That is fundamentally different from your government or its proxies engaging directly in industrial espionage and stealing trade secrets, stealing proprietary information from companies. That we consider an act of aggression that has to stop’” (Damian Paletta, “Obama Vows to Press China on Computer Attacks,” Sept. 16, 2015).

The president was essentially saying, “I know you spy on me and my government, but don’t even think about spying on our businesses.”

World peace seems so far away when news like this emerges. All countries steal from others in one way or another. It’s disheartening to know that the world has to be this way. Nations don’t—and can’t—trust one another. This is not the world God wanted for His creation. God created a garden of peace. It was there that man chose to take another path, one that has led up to this point of nation against nation. (Source: The Wall Street Journal.)