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Europe will ultimately come together

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Fairly recent newspaper article titles reflect this general perception among veteran journalists. For instance: “Europe Says Goodbye to Solidarity” (Financial Times, Feb. 23, 2012); “Europe’s ‘Proud Empire’ Is Entering a Cul-de-Sac of History” (Feb. 17); “The European Project Is Splitting Apart at the Very Core” (The Sunday Telegraph, Feb. 18).

Journalists speak of the old-world disorder and of what European Union (EU) leadership can do to halt decline and dissolution. Clearly Germany is concerned. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the “de facto leader of Europe,” has been inviting other European Union leaders to the palace retreat in Meseberg—Germany’s version of America’s Camp David—to discuss Europe’s debt and urge closer ties (Nicholas Kulish, “A Village Where Europe Can Take a Stroll and Plot Its Future,” The New York Times, March 15, 2012). So there remains every indication that the German nation will ultimately provide the civil leadership needed to bind Europe together more tightly.

But this aim won’t be met through civil leadership alone. The religious element in unifying Europe certainly should not be carelessly overlooked. This vital aspect has long been and remains under discussion. Late last year Jonathan Sacks, Britain’s chief rabbi, wrote an article about how religious leaders “of all faiths must help to restore morality to the world of finance in order to regenerate the economy and society” (“Chief Rabbi Urges Pope to Work Together to Save the Soul of Europe,” The Times, Dec. 12, 2011).

British historian Norman Davies, was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal. He also laments the sad state of European affairs but thinks things can be turned around. The interviewer informs us: “As befits an historian of Europe, Mr. Davies is still holding out for a savior—a modern-day Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours or King Sobieski riding into Vienna [both of whom pushed Muslim forces back from overrunning Europe]. But he notes, ‘If there is a savior, a politician who emerges with a clear vision, it’ll come from somewhere quite unexpected’ ” (Raymond Zhong, “The Emperor of Vanished Kingdoms,” Feb. 25, 2012).

Indeed the Bible speaks in its final book of a coming charismatic political leader known, along with his dominion, as “the beast.” He will be in partnership with a religious leader and system known as “the false prophet” and “Babylon the Great.” These two leaders will together weld Europe into a spiritually deluded superpower that will astonish the world and its inhabitants (see Revelation 13, 17).

You can read more about their role by requesting or downloading our free Bible study aid booklets The Book of Revelation Unveiled and Are We Living in the Time of the End? (Sources: Financial Times, The New York Times, The Sunday Telegraph, The Times [London], The Wall Street Journal.)

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