Current Events & Trends: Greek crime rises as financial crisis continues

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Greek crime rises as financial crisis continues

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Citizens are preparing for an exit from the euro currency (dubbed as “Grexit”). Some wealthier Greeks are stashing cash in banks outside of the country. Many in the middle class are keeping cash and other valuables of worth like gold jewelry.

The New York Times reported that “Greek crime statistics released last week hinted at a dark side to the secreting of all those valuables. Across Greece the most serious crime is down or stable over all, but reports of burglaries and robberies were on the rise for the first six months of the year, suggesting that the hidden valuables had become enticing targets for thieves.”

Desperation doesn’t always bring about the soundest judgment. The world is not in a state that God wanted for us—with its suffering and lack of resources. When God was working closely with the people of Israel in ancient times, He gave them the personal responsibility of making sure others were taken care of. We remember the story of Ruth gleaning (picking up dropped crops after farmers) in Boaz’s field. That was a command to let those in need pick up the leftovers. God wanted people to ensure that the lowest among us were taken care of.

It’s painful to see desperation, even from afar. Some are taking advantage of the current situation of more individuals storing valuables in their homes. A time is coming when Jesus will return and establish a perfect society wherein all will learn the right way to live.

Time will tell how things will pan out for the relationship between Greece and the EU, but it certainly bears watching. (Source: The New York Times.)

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