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Is there life beyond earth?

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In early August, America's space agency NASA achieved spectacular success in landing Curiosity, an automobile-sized roving laboratory, on the surface of Mars after an 8½-month voyage through space and a supersonic plummet through the Martian atmosphere.

It landed within Gale Crater near the equator, which, as the Associated Press reported, "scientists think is a place where water once flowed—a good starting point to learn whether microbes could exist there" (Aug. 4, 2012).

The report continued: "Life as we know it requires three ingredients: Water, energy and carbon. The missing piece so far is finding carbon. One of Curiosity's main tasks is to drive to the mountain, chisel rocks and dig into soil in search of the elusive element."

Of course, this is referring to physical life. The Bible reveals that there is indeed life beyond this earth that does not need these ingredients—spirit life. God the Father and Jesus Christ live beyond this earth in heaven, as do many angels.

As to whether something like microbes exist in space or on other planets, the Bible does not tell us. Were we ever to find such a thing, it still would not support theories of life from lifelessness and evolution. As all physical life, it would still require a Creator.

Yet there is certainly no indication in Scripture that human or other intelligent physical life exists beyond this earth's boundaries. Remarkably, however, the Bible shows that one day human beings will be made immortal and will inherit the entire universe (Revelation 21:7 Revelation 21:7He that overcomes shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.
American King James Version×
). God gives to humanity the opportunity on this earth to learn to govern our lives today so we can live forever with Him tomorrow.